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What are Wall Ties for Brick Veneer?

Wall ties are the galvanised steel or stainless steel metal that connects a brick veneer and brick wall together. Brick ties provide structural strength and are common of double brick constructions. As with structural bricks, mortar, lintels and arch bars, wall ties, can decay when exposed to the elements for too long. When a cavity wall and ties become damaged, there is risk present.

Gunpoint Masonry Restoration can install remedial ties using the Thor Helical System, strengthening and stabilising your building. Call us today for a no-obligation inspection and our extensive knowledge.

Masonry Fixings Repair/Wall Tie Installation

One of the main reasons why wall tie damage can become so serious is that when cavity wall ties corrode, they weaken. This in turn can result in the external skin of brickwork moving over time, cracking brick veneer construction and destabilising the whole facade. Damage in this area of the home can be very serious, posing a risk of harm to the inhabitants of the house.

The scale of wall tie remediation depends on the extent of the damage, and on other factors such as the location. For example, a seaside home will often have a greater propensity for  corrosion. Without proper examination there is no way of knowing whether only a few bricks will need to be repointed or replaced, or whether (especially where rising damp is present or likely to occur) an entire replacement wall may ultimately be the best solution.

The professionals at Gunpoint Masonry Restoration have over 50 years experience in wall tie remedial works. We are familiar with Australian standards and always produce high quality work. We’ve worked on castles, battlements in the UK – even Windsor Castle – as well as a variety of residential homes in Sydney metropolitan area.

We’ll call out to your site for an inspection at no cost and will then provide you with a free quote on the repair solution.

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