What is Brick Pointing?

Brick pointing, or repointing, is the process of brick and mortar restoration. In other words, restoring brick facades to their former state following a period of decay. It’s common over time for the mortar holding bricks in place to become wet and crumble. This crumbling effect can diminish the structural integrity of the building, lead to rising damp and cause the property to appear dilapidated. One reason mortar in brick and stone can deteriorate is simple erosion from weather: sun, rain and wind, salt from sea air too.

Brick and mortar pointing has many applications. At Gunpoint Masonry, we have over 50 years’ combined experience restoring heritage listed buildings and homes that are in need of repair. The brick pointing process doesn’t change too much from building to building, regardless of what materials the building in question is made of. Instead, its the materials used in the restoration that are dynamic and will be adapted to the building.

How to Repoint Brick?

For all kinds of domestic, commercial, strata complex and heritage buildings, our trained craftsmen will be clean, tidy and on budget.

Our approach at Gunpoint is to use the latest technology and keep updating all the time.

The type of joint you use will determine how close the level of mortar is to the edge of bricks on the building facade. It pays aesthetically to use one type of point joints consistently across the building.

How Much Does Brick Pointing Cost?

The cost of mortar repair and brick repair is flexible and depends on how much work and materials are needed to complete the job. If you’re invested in restoring your home and want to employ the services of a professional contractor for brick repointing in Sydney, look no further. Pick up the phone and call us today on 0415301966 to speak to our friendly staff about your brick wall or wall tie restoration needs.

We’ll call out to your site for an inspection at no cost and will then provide you with a free quote on the repair solution.

We’re available Monday to Friday and even some weekends if required for all brickwork restoration services. 

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