Lintel and Arch Bar Replacement

What is Lintel and Arch Bar Replacement?

A lintel is a horizontal load bearing block that sits above two vertical supports. It forms part of the structure of a building. An arch bar is a steel “L” shaped beam that sits behind, providing support to the brickwork.

In combination, the two elements can either be a decorative architectural element or a combined ornamental/structural item. Arch bars and lintels are often found over fireplaces, windows and doors.

Sometimes, when exposed to the elements for too long, lintels can take on moisture and begin to crumble. This can have serious implications both for the structural integrity of your property as well as the aesthetic value of its façade. You might notice the brickwork around your door or windows shifting.

When lintels are decaying, they need to be replaced as soon as possible. Arch bars can also corrode when exposed to moisture and need to be replaced as soon as possible too.

Stone Lintels For Brickwork

For all lintel replacement and lintel construction, rely on the experts. Gunpoint Masonry has over 50 years’ experience replacing lintels and arch bars.
Here at Gunpoint Masonry Restoration our steel lintels and arch bars are fully hot-dipped and galvanised. Our lintel and arch bar replacement services are to ensure that the structure’s surrounding brickwork is both preserved and enhanced. Gunpoint Masonry Restoration pride ourselves on service, workmanship and reputation.

How Much Does Lintel Replacement Cost?

Replacing your lintel beams and arch bars can be very expensive. The longer you leave it, the more damage will be sustained and the higher the cost of replacement will be.

It pays to rely on the experts at Gunpoint Masonry for all lintel replacement and arch bar replacement work. We always charge competitive fees and guarantee we’ll do a high quality, cost effective job every time. Invest in the professionals whenever you need brick lintel replacement or steel arch bar replacement.

We’ll call out to your site for an inspection at no cost and will then provide you with a free quote on the repair solution.

We’re available Monday to Friday and even some weekends if required for all brickwork restoration services. 

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