Heritage Restorations In Sydney Australia

With over 50 years’ combined experience, Gunpoint Masonry Restorations offers heritage restoration in Sydney that needs completing. Our heritage restoration services have been refined over the tenure of our service.

At any heritage listed house or commercial building we restore the stonework and brickwork to its former glory. Trust in our expertise and make us your preferred supplier if your old home or business site needs restoration.

Renovations at heritage listed properties (period homes and buildings) are not allowed by Government regulation. However, restorations to the building may be completed to sustain the legacy of such buildings.

Our heritage brickwork restoration services restore heritage homes and historic buildings to their former condition and perform repairs where they’re needed. Our heritage restoration company performs wide range of heritage restoration services, including, but not limited to:

Trevor and Daren as stone masons learnt their trade restoring heritage listed buildings, castles and cathedrals in the UK. Now in Australia, we are specialists in repairing and restoring all period-style buildings.

We complete the restoration process to the finest degree of quality possible. Our heritage builders fully immerse ourselves in the era from which the house originates. We have a superior eye for detail that means no stone is left unturned during the restoration process. We can repair and restore buildings from The Victorian era, in The Queen Anne style and from the Edwardian era.

Whether it’s a small or large house that needs work, we can supply all tools and materials required. We can also service all heritage listed public buildings. We will achieve complete restoration of any heritage properties. We are not focused on changing the appearance of old homes. Instead, we merely seek to understand their unique facets and restore them to their previous state of repair.

Please contact Gunpoint Masonry Restorations if you have any requests for heritage building restoration. We operate five days per week, call us today on 0415301966 for a quote and inspection of your property.

We’ll call out to your site for an inspection at no cost after you call our friendly team. We will then provide you with a free quote on the repair solution. We’re available Monday to Friday and even some weekends if required for all brickwork restoration services.