Damp Proof Course and Flashing Replacement

Water Damage and Rising Damp

Water damage in buildings is invasive and avoidable, on top of being costly. Water damage problems are particularly common around the coast where rainwater is particularly saline. Damage resulting from rising damp may include:

  • Musty smells which can lead to lung conditions.
  • Damage to interior finishes: carpets, drywall and cabinetry
  • Rusting of galvanised steel studs
  • Corrosion of metal wall fasteners
  • Corrosion to steel relieving angles and structural failings around openings

Rising damp can cause serious damage to brick structures. Even when double brick walls are present, moisture can leak into the house. This often causes damage in addition to that rendered to the façade. 

Dampness issues can be expensive to repair, so it’s best to solve the problem early. Gunpoint Masonry Restorations can replace all damp proof course and flashing to prevent damage and ensure your property is well maintained.

The construction technique of using two brick walls with a cavity in between is called a cavity wall. These were re engineered during the 18th century in England as a means of protecting buildings from water intrusion. Masonry was used in China, Greece and Italy for millennia, but cavity walls are a relatively recent innovation.

Damp proof courses form impervious layers beneath bricks below floor level. They prevent moisture from rising into the building. Where rising damp has occurred, the appearance of the brickwork can be restored by replacing the joints.

Symptoms and Remedies

Signs of rising damp appear as a localised dampness in linear or patch form or widespread dampness. Widespread dampness is highlighted in the lower sections of internal and external walls. Internal plaster finishes may be damp, blister or discoloured. Surface patches of salt may be visible when water has disappeared. 

Skirting boards may be affected by fungal decay. If a floor is suspended it may also be weak near the wall. Masonry may fret when water makes its way up the wall – a process common to older buildings known as crypto efflorescence.  

Remedial adjustments may include everything from the replacement of surface veneers to structural components. Replacing damp proof course beneath walls and replacing roof flashing, when complemented with restoration of the façade, is an effective solution. Gunpoint Masonry only uses high quality flashing materials during flashing installation. We apply the same due diligence when replacing damp proof coursing. 

Contact the experts in damp proof course replacements and flashing replacements today. If you have noticed visible water damage to the interior or exterior of your home, call us. We have over 50 years’ experience replacing damp course and flashing. We get the job done quickly and professionally leaving you 100% satisfied with the result.

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