Brick & Stone Repairs, Fences & Fireplaces

Brick and Stone Repairs Sydney

Gunpoint Masonry offers a full range of brick and stone repairs services. We can repair or replace your brick or stone facades. Our repair procedures that have been used for decades are taller made to the requirements of each project. We offer over half a century of experience making chipped, cracked or faded stonework appear brand new like the day it was made. We work on property veneers and interiors across Sydney. We are fully licensed, certified and insured to be performing all brick repairs Sydney and stone repairs Sydney.

If there has been an incident that affected the brick walls around your home, don’t despair, call a professional today. Gunpoint Masonry has access to all the specialist tools needed to complete restoration of your brick veneer in Sydney.

No matter if it’s the brick itself or the cement between the bricks that is decaying, we’ll provide an affordable and rapid stone restoration solution that will leave your stone form in perfect condition once more. We can repair most engineered stones, mortar and joints with colour matching home bricks and stone benchtops.

Brick Fences Sydney

There are great benefits of building a brick or stone fence to your home. Make your home look beautiful and add a classic touch, add value to your home and keep yourself safe. Gunpoint Masonry Restoration works with some of Sydney’s greatest landscape architects.

We have been constructing brick fences and retaining walls for decades. We are tried and trusted in our tenure in the business and always produce supreme quality brickwork to complement the façade of your home or commercial property. We only use the highest quality materials during completion of all brick fence construction. This guarantees a long lifespan and beautiful appearance.

The exterior brickwork of your house is the brickwork that is noticed first and foremost by guests and neighbours. If you’re looking to enhance your property with a brick fence, contact Gunpoint Masonry today for an efficient and effective solution.

We build complete brick fences and brick pillars spaced with iron fencing. Let us know what your preference is and we’ll cater to your every whim during construction of your new home façade.

Fireplaces Sydney

Over the years, fireplaces sometimes need a bit of restoration, update or necessary repairs. A brick fireplace make a beautiful focal point to any room. Gunpoint Masonry will take the utmost care in repairing or restoring your fireplace today. We have a wealth of experience designing and constructing beautiful fireplaces to adorn the living room in your home. We construct high quality hearths and chimneys to keep suburban homes warm in Winter.

If your fireplace is in need of restoration due to any reason, call us today for a free quote. If you’re looking to upgrade your fireplace, call Gunpoint Masonry today for a free inspection. We complement the aesthetic of wood heaters, gas heaters and gas fireplaces with a stylish new brick fireplace on each and every occasion we’re employed to do so.

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