Brick & stone repointing

We remove the decayed mortar using a grinder, with a duel vacuum attached to minimise the dust. Then we inject new mortar between the bricks whilst maintaining original join profile.


Tuckpointing is a finishing process after the mortar replacement and repair of brick joints. The finished result can look amazing. Contrasting colours are used in the mortar joints to give the bricks a new look.

Lintel & arch bar replacement

Like brick work, lintel bars and arch bars can decay when exposed to weathering for too long. We replace rusted lintels and arch bars when they are in a state of disrepair.

Wall tie replacement

A common problem faced by buildings facing the ocean is deteriorating brick wall ties. When wall ties are damaged by the salt in the air, attached structures become vulnerable to damage.

Brick & stone repairs, Fences & fireplaces

Over time and natural weather the mortar joints between your bricks and stone will potentially see crumbling, erosion and rising damp.

Damp proof course & flashing replacement

Moisture can destroy many things over time. We can ensure that never happens, or bring it back from the brink!

Heritage Restoration

Using traditional techniques learned over decades in building restoration, we can bring buildings back to their former glory.


We’ve had many very successful relationships with strata management and tenants over the years, and have great respect for both.

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