Home Restoration Starts With Brick Repointing

Home restoration is such a simple task when you consider the effects on the value of your property. If you have recently bought an older home or your owner occupied dwelling has suffered damage, then you are probably wondering what you can do to return the building to its former condition. The most appealing home restoration starts with restoring the brickwork at your property due to damage arising from:

  • Harsh weather
  • Constant exposure to sunlight, wind or rain
  • Natural erosion
  • Salt crystals infiltrating the brickwork
  • Low cement content in the mortar mix.

Individually or in combination, these factors can result in cracks in the bricks and in the mortar between them. Damage of this nature can produce unintended effects in your home, such as structural damage and rising damp. Not only this, but the aesthetic appeal of your house may be reduced which can lower its overall value when it is time to sell. The lifespan of a building is reduced when cracks in the bricks and mortar are left untreated.

The solution to these problems can be easily implemented by the brickwork experts at Gunpoint Masonry Restorations. By replacing the mortar joints and giving your facade an up lift, a masonry contractor can restore your home to a state of good health. You can make everything look brand new by employing the contractors at Gunpoint Masonry Restorations to fix any problems with the brickwork.

Employing a masonry contractor can add decades to the life of your home. In circumstances when structural damage and internal cracks to the home are a consequence of damaged bricks and mortar on the outside, a contractor can ensure damage is short term by restoring your exterior brickwork to its former state. It’s best to employ a masonry contractor as soon as you notice damage to the house, otherwise the elements may get past the brick barricade and start to cause even more noticeable damage to the inside.

Cracks and loose brickwork can make other structures vulnerable. Cracks in the brickwork create entry points where elements and salt can do further damage. Damages might accumulate over time and could put the whole structure at risk of dilapidation.

If you’re invested in restoring your home and want to employ the services of a professional contractor for brick repointing or tuckpointing in Sydney, look no further. Pick up the phone and call us today on 0415301966 to speak to our friendly staff about your brick wall or wall tie restoration needs. We’ll inspect your property at no cost and will provide a free quote for any restoration work that is needed.